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Leveraging Omnichannel Approach to Build Sales: A Case Study in Home Improvement Retail

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, a leading home improvement retailer turned to digital innovation to transform its business operations. This case study explores the strategic implementation of an omnichannel approach that dramatically increased sales and customer engagement.


A prominent home improvement retailer faced significant operational challenges during the pandemic. With frequent lockdowns impacting traditional commerce, the retailer had to rely heavily on its digital channels, which were underdeveloped. An underperforming e-commerce system, a poor website interface, underutilized email communications, and limited marketing efforts were stifling the business’s online potential.


Our team initiated a comprehensive digital strategy overhaul, beginning with a thorough audit of the existing website. This audit identified critical improvements in user interface and helped pinpoint essential performance metrics.

We introduced the client to advanced digital marketing tools, including Google Shopping and Search ads, and revitalized their email marketing strategies to maintain customer engagement with highly targeted content.

Additionally, we expanded their e-commerce presence to established marketplaces across the region to widen their customer base and increase market penetration


(Oct-Dec 2021)

  • Revenue Growth: Achieved a 135% increase in revenues within three months.
  • Transaction Volume: Saw a 271% rise in the number of transactions.
  • User Engagement: Nearly doubled the influx of new users and nearly doubled the e-commerce conversion rates by 97.5%.
  • Advertising Efficiency: Attained an ROI of 11:1 on Google Shopping Ads with a 7-8% click-through rate across major email campaigns.

Through strategic enhancements to the user journey on the website, robust paid advertising, email marketing initiatives, and an expanded marketplace presence, the retailer has now established a resilient and successful online platform.

135% Revenue

271% Transactions

ROI of 11:1

From The Client

"The guidance and expertise from our consulting team have been transformative for our e-commerce operations. Their strategic omnichannel approach has not only navigated us through challenging times but also set new performance records for our business. We are looking forward to continuing this momentum with what has been the most successful period in our recent history."

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