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Increasing Black Friday Sales by 61%: A Case Study on a Leading Chocolatier

Our client, a renowned chocolatier, specializes in creating premium chocolates and confections, focusing on expanding their online presence and sales without the benefit of physical retail locations.


Our team was tasked with enhancing brand awareness and driving online sales for a premium chocolatier lacking a physical retail presence. The challenge was to elevate the brand's identity to potential customers exclusively through digital channels.


We adopted a blended, omnichannel strategy that leveraged email, social media, and search and shopping advertising. Our approach was grounded in five pillars of customer-centric communications:

Customer-Centric Strategy: We focused on special occasions and shopping events like Valentine's Day, birthdays, and Black Friday to tailor our advertisements and emails. This strategy was designed to drive customer acquisitions through a carefully crafted sales funnel.

Simplicity in Communication: We ensured our communications were straightforward and timely, which improved the effectiveness of our messages and significantly increased our return on ad spend (ROAS) while maintaining optimal reach and conversion rates.

Visual Appeal: The campaign featured highly specific and appealing visuals in our digital ads to attract consumer attention and achieve a high click-through rate across all platforms.

Early Campaign Launch: By launching our campaigns earlier than competitors, we were able to generate momentum and better target potential customers, increasing the effectiveness of our conversions.

Automated Communications: The core of our strategy included automating key customer communications, streamlining the path to purchase through targeted email sequences and strategic bidding on key search terms.


  • Black Friday Weekend Performance:
    • A 264% increase in returning customers year-over-year.
  • Year-over-Year Growth:
    • 41% increase in website sessions.
    • 44% increase in total orders.
    • 61% increase in sales.
    • 17% increase in average order value.

Paid Advertising Performance (Q4 Performance):

  • Social media ROAS: 1.57
  • Google Ads ROAS: 3.95

Email Marketing Success (Q4):

  • Generated significant revenue, contributing to a record-setting sales period.

This strategic initiative not only transformed our client's digital presence but also set new records for their online sales, particularly during critical sales periods, significantly enhancing their market presence in the targeted regions.

3.95 ROAS

61% Increase in Sales

264% Increase in Returning Customers

From The Client

"Over the past year, the team has significantly helped us enhance our brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to our website, facilitating growth in our online sales platform. Their deep knowledge of SEO, organic content, and paid marketing has been instrumental in increasing the organic traffic to our site. They have effectively designed and implemented focused, cost-efficient strategies for engagement and awareness, assisting us in promoting our product range. Their dedication to developing a strategic trading calendar has been crucial in planning and executing our growth strategies, and their support in setting up a fulfillment partnership has optimized our delivery costs and warehouse management processes."

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